Welcome To Holy Cow Comics!
by George Broderick Jr

cow logoFrom this site, you'll be able to navigate through the comics of the self-styled "Most Beloved Character In American Folklore" ... All comics, all the time and all-new web strips for your amusement and (hopefully) return visits!. The strips will be rotating features, when one story arc comes to a close on one strip, it'll be replaced by another... whatever I feel like at the time... purely on a whim... or through fate... or God's Mighty Will... or whatever you might believe... and that's "okay"..!

The strips and characters featured on this site are a cornucopia of humorous, ALL-AGES fun that I've been compiling since I was knee high to Cartoon Network... many of the entries will be redrawn, re-imagined comics from strips I drew as a young boy. The enthusiasm and infectious energy in some of these was too overpowering for me to allow them to fade into obscurity just because they were "poorly drawn by a 12 year old" or "the writing takes leaps in logic, makes assumptions on the part of the reader, or is just poorly constructed". Nothing is more powerful, alluring and confounding than the unfettered imagination of a child. Re-imagining these strips now, with over twenty-five years of professional cartooning under my ever expanding belt, will, hopefully, give polish to some exciting "lightning in a bottle" adventures from one of the most prolific times in my career (ah! carefree youth!). Other strips, of course, will be created from my adult perspective, reflecting my interests and sense of humor in the twenty-first century. In any event, as they say on TV, they'll be "new to you"...

Join us every Wednesday, won't you? It'll be a hoot an' a half!